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    »Conditions to Influence Speed & Feed Rate

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    Q Conditions to Influence Speed & Feed Rate
    Ans Factors to affect RPM and Feed
    - Rigidity of Machine Spindle
    - Max. RPM of Machine Spindle
    - Max. RPM of Machine under the circumstance of best dynamic balance
    - Capability of pre-read program on Controller
    - Max. feed of Machine
    - Accuracy of Collet Chuck & Collet
    - Rigidity of Collet Chuck & Collet
    - Chucking strength of Collet Chuck & Collet
    - Dynamic balance of Collet Chuck & Collet
    - Type of End Mill
    - Material of End Mill
    - Rigidity of End Mill
    - Overhang length of End Mill protruding from Collet Chuck 
    - Cutting method of End Mill
    - Cutting path of End Mill
    - Cutting parameter(depth) of End Mill
    - Chip removal capability of End Mill
    - Hardness of Workpiece
    - ensile strength of Workpiece
    - Machinability of Workpiece
    - Rigidity of Workpiece
    - Rigidity of Clamping Device and Fixture
    - Type of Coolant 
    - Supply way of Coolant